Welcome to the web site of MIR orbital station crew!

We hope, that despite of tight working scedule, the crew of the MIR orbital station could satisfy your interest in space exploration. With the help of modern communications you can visit us on board of our space home - the laboratory of the MIR station.

We hope that this interview will broaden the circle of our friends and produce new ideas and projects to be realised in XXI century.

Musabaev T.A.     Budarin N.M.
Padalka G.I.     Avdeev S.V.     Baturin Y.M.    

Dear guests of the Mir orbital station crew page! Our internet interview is over. All questions will be sent to the crew of the 25th expedition when they are back to the Earth. We hope for more detailed interview after that. Thank you very much for your interest in Russian cosmonautics.