Dear Internet Users.

I am glad to take this opportunity and address myself to you, representatives of different countries and peoples that created the unified information space by the use of modern high technologies.

The telecommunication networks as well as spacecraft orbits have no boundaries to bring peoples together and provide a solid basis for the development of the Earth civilization.

The specialists from RKK “Energia” (a corporation responsible for the launch of the first earth’s satellite and first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, in-orbit operations by cosmonauts from different countries over the last 20 years) are active in the development of international operation in space exploration.

The orbital complex MIR successfully operating in space over 12 years has been converted in resent years into an international space laboratory to support 23 international scientific programs.

The international experience gained through operation of the MIR station will undoubtedly serve as a basis for a successful implementation of the next space project - International Space Station.

We hope that the MIR crew page will allow the Internet users to get a better notion of the mission objectives, space station capabilities, crew’s life in space and on earth and of people dedicating their life to the development of space hardware and space exploration.

Yu.Semenov, President of RKK "Energia".