Baturin Yuri Mikhailovich

Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.

Date and place of birth: June 12, 1949, Moscow.

Parents: father: Baturin Mikhail Matveyevich, died in 1978,

mother: Smolnikova (Gradova) Natalya Nikolayevna, pensioner,

lives in Moscow.

Family: Divorced,

daughter - Baturina Alexandra Yuryevna, lives with her father.

Education: 1973 - Moscow Physic-Engineering Institute, Flight Dynamics and


1980 - Law Institute, Science of Law.

1981 - Moscow State University, Journalism. Doctor of Laws.

Awards/Honors: Prize of USSR Journalist Union, 1991 for the development of the USSR Law “On press and other mass media” adopted on June 12, 1990. Prize for “Outstanding contribution to the development of mass media”, 1997. State Counselor of the 1st category.

Interests: books, mountains, video filming, physic-mathematical research in polytology, work with students (professor, Moscow Physic-Engineering Institute (MPEI), Moscow State University, Head of Department at MPEI).

Work Experience: Since 1973 - NPO “Energia”.

Since 1980 - Institute State and Law (USSR Academy of Sciences).

1991 - “Itogi” (“Results”) weekly TV program, consultant.

1993-1997 - Assistant to the Russian President, Law. Assistant to the Russian President, National Security. Secretary, Russian Defense Council. Member of the Presidential Administration.

1996-1998 member of the Defense Council.

1998 - appointed test-cosmonaut, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.

Since 1997 - training at Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center to fly in “Soyuz TM” and “MIR” as researcher-cosmonaut for 26th primary expedition.