Flight engineer

Avdeev Sergei Borisovich

researcher - cosmonaut,

Korolyev Rocket-Space Corporation “Energia”

Date and place of birth: January 1, 1956, Chapaevsk, Sverdlovsk region.

Parents: father: Avdeev Vasili Anisimovich, born in 1928.

mother: Avdeeva Valentina Grigoryevna, born in 1928.

Live in Samara.

Education: Moscow Physic-Engineering Institute, 1979, engineer - physicist.

Family: Married,

wife: Pobedinskaya Maria Avramiyevna, born in 1957,

daughter: Maria, born in 1981,

daughter: Klementina, born in 1991.

Awards/Honors: Hero of Russian Federation.

Interests: nuclear physics, sport games.

Work experience: Since 1979 - works at NPO “Energia”.

1986 - postgraduate study completed.

1987 - enlisted in the NPO “Energia” cosmonaut team.

1989 - general cosmonaut training completed at Gagarin Training Center. 30 flight hrs in L-39 test plane.

July 27, 1982 - February 1, 1983 - 189-day flight in “Soyuz TM” and OS “MIR” as flight engineer of the Russian - French crew for 12th primary expedition.

September 3, 1995 - February 29, 1996 - 179-day flight in “Soyuz TM” and “MIR” as flight engineer for 20th primary expedition and “EuroMir-95”

August 29, 1996 - July 30, 1997 - training to fly in “Soyuz TM” and “MIR” as flight engineer of a back-up crew for the 24th primary expedition, Russian-American program “MIR 24/NASA-5,6”, Russian-French program “Pegas” and program “EuroMir - Extension”.

Since 1997 - training to fly in “Soyuz TM” and “MIR” as flight engineer of a primary crew for the 26th primary expedition.